Before buying or investing in any AID products, please read the following carefully:

The AID Token (“AID”) is not a security, an investment fund certificate,a collective investment scheme or equivalent investment fund certificate or other regulated product under the applicable laws of any country or state.

This Whitepaper (the documentation itself) is intended to provide further information about the NLA economy, its utility and functionality and does not constitute a prospectus or any offering document. This Whitepaper does not constitute an opinion, sales advice, recommendation or solicitation to purchase AID Token or AID NFTs or any AID products. The Whitepaper or the fact of its presentation does not and cannot form part of the basis of any contract or investment decision.

No regulatory authority has reviewed or approved the information contained in this prospectus. No such action has been or will be taken under the laws, regulatory requirements or rules of any jurisdiction. This Whitepaper or any part or copy of this Whitepaper may not be distributed or transmitted in any country or state in which distribution of this Whitepaper is prohibited or restricted. We shall not be liable for any violation of law arising out of a breach of this provision.

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