Outstanding and unique ecosystem

The New Live Aid system is a unique way to address global environmental problems through WEB2 using the tools of the WEB3 universe.

We are a REAL WORLD - WEB2 - WEB3 connection.

There is no precedent in the crypto universe for a green & charity organization of this complexity and scope. We are confident that with the right team formula, determination and our own cryptocurrency, we can reach almost unimaginable heights with the New Live Aid ecosystem. The crypto blockchain technology allows us to help any sector in need freely, independently and without any red tape. Educating and transferring our practical knowledge to those who feel distant from the world of crypto are involved in our mission.


ESG is an acronym for Environmental, Social, Governance.

Fact: Our system is the first Hungarian ESG crypto project.

The environmental part includes emissions such as greenhouse gasses, air, water and soil pollution. Resource use issues, such as whether a manufacturer uses virgin or recycled materials in production and how a company ensures that the raw materials that go into its products are recycled back into the economy rather than ending up in landfills.

Under the social pillar, companies report on how they take care of their employees' development, as well as on their practices in relation to human resources issues, product safety and supply chain-related human resources issues.

As the governance component, the main factors are shareholder rights, board diversity, board compensation and how well it aligns with sustainability goals.

More and more investors are taking ESG considerations into account in their investment decision-making processes, making them increasingly important when raising capital, both equity and debt.

It is also worth taking the first steps now, because the banking system is increasingly taking these aspects into account when granting loans, so a responsibly operating company has a better chance of attracting funds.

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