AID Charity


A charity helps people realise that in a world of uncertainty and chaos, it is possible to help others.

It's a difficult and heartbreaking task, but it's far from difficult to do.

Charitable giving gives a deeper meaning to life and helps us see our purpose in society. Donating and giving are the leading fundamental meanings behind charity.


Unfortunately, society quite often ignores people in need. Society and governments are simply not set up to protect everyone who needs it.

Charities aim to fill these gaps and target help to the most vulnerable.

Without charities the world would be even more unbalanced.

Charitable NFTs

We will create a collection based on the AID NFTs scheme, which will include a special cap as an accessory in any case. These NFTs will be the charitable NFTs.


10,000 KLV per each.


100% of the income from the sale of the charitable NFTs will be donated to a selected cause each year through a community vote.

Necessity is the mother of need. We can move away from the annual plan in case of a greater need. In this case, we will announce an emergency vote among those with voting power!


To be listed on our minter and kleverNFT during the AID NFTs roadmap proceeding.


1,000 NFTs will be existing in the first collection.

We reserve the right to create additional collections.


Finished the unique charitable accessory that will be applied to our Charitable NFT pieces.

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