Voting System

We implement another important feature of shares, voting rights.

With voting rights we want to give a large part of the control to the AID Community, within a regulated framework.

An important design consideration was to ensure that voting is not just a privilege for the whales, as it is on Wall Street in traditional stock markets.

Therefore, every AID Token holder has voting power (vp), at a ratio of

Voting Frequency

Voting will take place at certain intervals (expected to be 6 months).

Call For Vote

We will make the call for votes public through our official channels. Only those who hold AID Tokens for the appropriate period of time will be eligible to vote, so we will try to filter out pump and dump actions when we get near to voting.

For example, community votes on what the income from the Charitable NFTs should be donated to, and where to plant trees in our next planting project.

Eligibility to vote

You have to hold AID Token before the voting takes place for at least 6 months.

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