New Live Aid

AID Shop

AID Sustainable Webshop is a division which we are generating income with.


The clear aim of the AID webshop is to generate revenue by promoting and making available products that are locally made and sustainable. Our products are made from natural ingredients with virtually no unnecessary additives. This will include kitchen detergent, rinse aid, spot cleaner, soap, etc.
The Shop is an essential part and pillar of the New Live Aid ecosystem, it is one cornerstone of the annual dividend distribution.
At the design stage, it was clear that we needed to accept $AID and $KLV in our webshop.
First in Hungary, then expanded according to our AID Token roadmap.

Green Shop Aims

Be affordable.
Be of good quality.
Be locally produced.
Be available.
Be broad spectrum.
Be scalable.


A fairly good range of starter products is being tested. Testers have been sent out to entrepreneurs to provide feedback to help us judge the right direction. Testing is followed by approval and then production starts.