Problem Formulation

Guided by planetary boundaries and aiming to everyday awareness

Scientific Consensus

According to the current scientific consensus, Since the late 1800s, the Earth's climate has warmed significantly.


  • The primary cause of this is human activity (primarily greenhouse gas emissions).

  • Continued emissions increase the likelihood and severity of global impacts.

People and nations can act individually and collectively to slow the rate of global warming, while preparing for the inevitable climate change and its consequences.

Our Guide

The Planetary Boundaries

A team of 28 internationally recognised scientists has identified the processes that regulate the stability and resilience of our Earth system. The consensus of the group proposed the establishment of 9 planetary boundaries, which, if not crossed, humanity can survive and evolve without negative natural consequences. We are aware of the emergency. We know exactly how to stop and how to reverse, but we humans are still not on the right track.

(2009, Johan Rockström)

Planetary Boundaries

  • Climate change

  • Biosphere integrity

  • Ocean acidification

  • Stratospheric ozone depletion

  • Atmospheric aerosol loading

  • Biochemical fluxes of nitrogen and phosphorus

  • Freshwater use

  • Land-system change

  • Release of new chemicals (Novel entities)

Crossing the nine planetary boundaries increases the risk of causing large-scale abrupt and/or irreversible environmental change.

After 2009, planetary boundaries have become a dominant issue in science, policy and experimentation. With eyes open you too can see tangible examples of humanity going in the wrong direction. A smoggy grey atmosphere, excessive and often unnecessary water use, piles of rubbish in the woods, unnecessarily high use of air conditioning, dwindling forests, fewer animals seen from a high altitude, hotter summers, sunburn on the beach, less and less shade, unlivable cities, and smelly alleys... The list is long and many people are unaware of it. We are facing a complex problem that threatens us all and that we can only tackle together.

Dear reader, our future is at stake, and we are all responsible for it.

Everyday Awareness

The problem is both complex and simple -> The lack of everyday awareness

To protect our planetary boundaries, one would think that the most obvious solution (which is also extremely difficult) would be to increase carbon sequestration, save endangered species, create reserves, stop over-fertilisation, ban harmful substances globally, phase out aerosols, leave the water cycle alone and reforest farmlands…

But the danger of crossing planetary boundaries is actually rooted in a lack of awareness.

Let us take from nature only what we need!

If possible, always dare to think systematically!

Leave every place in better shape than you found it!

If we make these basic rules a priority in our daily lives, our quality of life, our health and our caring attitude towards the environment will improve significantly!

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