Solution Proposal

The birth of New Live Aid

We have used planetary boundaries to think about the most common problems in our own environment. If you keep your eyes open, you can see them for yourself.

In honour of the 36th anniversary of the US Live Aid charity concert series, New Live Aid system was launched on 13 July 2021 with the aim of taking action to solve everyday problems around the world. Our scheme’s activities are based on protecting nature, making our environment more habitable and promoting sustainability while providing opportunity for the investor to make money green.

Fun Fact: According to the Gregorian calendar, July 13 (not leap year) is the 194th day of the year. The number of AID tokens in circulation to commemorate this day is 1,940,000,000.

The Key Is The Motivation

The #HelpToEarn fundament was created in order to provide motivation for those who act green and join our community.

If you buy AID NFTs -> We redistribute 60% of royalty fees between NFT holders quarterly; We hold an NFT giveaway of limited edition NFTs; As the AID Token ITO ended we distribute 4,000 AID Tokens per each AID NFT held.

If you buy AID Token -> Eligibility to receive dividend annually; Eligibility to vote in the governance.

Our Activities

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