The origin of our NFT collection


5,000 KLV per each.


Mint any randomly generated NFT. You stand a chance of getting very rare pieces.


All of the NFTs in the AID NFT collection are unique and generated randomly.


There are rarities based on pre-determined percentages of layer usage.

Ultra-rare fragments

There are 11 high rarity backgrounds out there - which were inspired by national parks topography.

Number Of NFTs

The first collection will contain 10,000 NFTs.

We reserve the right to create additional collections.

The Creator

The name is Gerx.

A highly appreciated friend of us from the early childhood ages. He has been doing graphical design and also programming in Java. He has been with us since the very beginning, he was one of the very first people who was told about the project. When it came to NFTs, he was all in.

Our approach

We wanted an NFT collection that reflected the green nature of the project. That's why the headpiece is a seed-like formation, with lots of NFT-worthy accessories.

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