AID Token

Launch schedule

According to the AID NFT roadmap the AID Token's Initial Token Offering will take place as soon as 60% of all NFTs from the first collection are sold.

Listing the AID Token

80% of the ITO income will be put into liquidity.

How we use the AID Token

We believe that by opening up to the corporate sector and basing a significant part of our spending on revenues from the validation, AID Carbon and AID Shop divisions, we need to use the AID Token only in a very moderate way.

How you can use the AID Token

You can buy.

You can send.

You can receive.

You can sell.

You can benefit from exchange rate gains.

You can make a loss by exchange rate loss.

You can earn passive income in forms of dividends quarterly.

You can buy things in our AID Shop with discount.

The AID Token is a KDA on the KleverChain.

Functions of the AID Token, $AID

Being a KDA on the KleverChain enables Freeze, Pause, Burn, Add Roles, Can Wipe, Can Mint, Can Change Owner.

The Aid Token is a not freezable, nor pausable, nor burnable, nor wipable, nor mintable token.

We made it as simple as possible to ensure the highest possible trust, credibility and remain deflationary.

Instead of regular stake & burn mechanisms we implemented dividends to be deflationary from the beginning.

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