New Live Aid

AID Carbon

AID Carbon is a division which we are generating income with.
With the AID Carbon Credit division, we generate revenue primarily by targeting large corporations, but this is not their privilege.
Carbon credit is designed to offset a person’s carbon emissions. In practice, we become ‘carbon capital’ by
  • planting trees
  • organising green paint jobs (see: graphene paint installations)
  • installing renewable energy plants
The division will be launched as soon as we sold 100% of the AID NFTs, according to the roadmap.

Carbon Offsetting

We operate on a quota system, with a quota based on the amount of CO2 redeemed/committed (usually 1 tonne) that can be purchased annually almost (so by purchasing a carbon offsetting you will redeem 1 tonne of CO2 of your own emissions per year). This helps businesses to switch to greener production and provides businesses and individuals with carbon offsets. In addition, some projects can be implemented in socially positive, disadvantaged areas, where they can create jobs and economic stimulus.

Those who offset their carbon footprint with us will receive a unique AID Carbon NFT as a certificate.

An essential part and pillar of the New Live Aid ecosystem, it is one cornerstone of the quarterly dividend distribution.


Land purchase in progress, giving us space for tree planting.
Last modified 5mo ago