Blockchain decision

Choosing the perfectly fitting blockchain

When thinking about the blockchain option, we had to consider the following:

  • Be able to freely create safe NFTs and tokens

  • Be fast, reliable and secure

  • Let us reach out to developers and founders

  • Provide a strong knowledge base to use blockchain

  • Educate those who are not yet in crypto

  • Exceptionally high value roadmap and improvements

There is only one blockchain that fulfills the above.

Tokens on Klever

The main utility token in the Klever Blockchain is named Klever Coin (KLV).

KleverChain sub tokens are called KDA. The purpose of the sub tokens is to make the Klever Network more useful.

the AID Token and AID NFTs will function as KDAs on the Klever Blockchain, the KleverChain.

Blockchain Speed

KleverChain's initial target is 2,000 Transactions per second (TPS).

Consensus Mechanism

The consensus algorithm the KleverChain uses is based on the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism.

Enabling Holding Assets

The safest way to store and securely use your crypto assets is to use a non-custodial wallet, where you manage your private key. We think that the most secure, future-proof, innovative multi-chain wallet on the market is the Klever Wallet, which can be used by anyone to store, manage and buy more than just Klever Tokens.

Currently supported, continously extended list of Blockchains in the Klever Wallet

Enabling Trading

Klever Swap enables users to smoothly swap coins or tokens from one blockchain to another (e.g. BTC, ETH, KLV and many more) with 100% data protection and unmatched speed. The swap engine is continously searching the top exchanges continuously for the best exchange rate and prices.

The AID Token and will be tradeable on the Klever Swap after launch and listing.

AID NFTs will be mintable through our KAPP (Klever Dapp) on our websiteconnected to the KleverChain.

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