The birth of our common approach

We founders are brothers from different parents. Despite the family difficulties that began in childhood, we have experienced the different faces of the world in many areas. We discovered practical solutions to many problems around the world and then went into extreme brainstorming.

From 2008 to 2014 our memorable trips to the seaside were initially in a clean environment. Crystal clear seas, fish, octopuses, waters teeming with creatures. These were happy holidays. As the years went by, we saw more and more cases of oil and garbage polluted waters and dirty beaches. We have not spent any holiday in a completely clean environment since.

From an early age, our parents have taught us the importance of protecting our environment. Our explorations in nature have deepened our environmental vision. A more conscious mindset is essential, as it is in all our interests to have a tomorrow.

During our trip to Brussels on 9 January 2015, we discovered a very simple solution for compact toilets. Public urinals have been installed in the city, free of charge. We think that free use is important, as everyone has a natural need to use the toilets. This not only curbs what is considered illegal public urination, but also makes cities cleaner and more liveable for locals and visitors alike.

It should not be a privilege to strive for sustainability. Today, the formula is simple: unsustainable products are cheap, sustainable products are expensive. It is our duty to make this status quo more equitable, thereby laying the foundations for a future for all of us on planet Earth.

Among other impressions, these have reinforced our conviction that we must act to protect nature. We believe that by moving together as a community we can clean up our forests of the rubbish that our fellow human beings have carelessly left behind and leave the places we find in better shape.

The technologies we use every day today, such as television, mobile phones, internet, microwave ovens and fridges, were once considered a novelty. The emergence of the internet was as alien and elusive in the first half of the 1990s as the invention of Bitcoin and with it blockchain technology almost 20 years later in 2009. We believe it will define the next great positive transformation in the world. We believe that crypto and the foundation behind it is the privilege of all of us.

The introduction of crypto will privatise and secure finance, make theft impossible, prevent corruption, eliminate inflation, establish proof and not beg for trust; enable irreversible transactions, and eliminate third parties.

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