New Live Aid

AID Education

AID Education is a division which we are marketing the project with.
The current education systems do not yet teach sustainable vision, basic financial literacy, so generations have grown up knowing next to nothing about it.
It is precisely from this motivation that we are launching our educational activities, which are accessible to all.
The idea of sustainability, free education and cryptocurrencies is for all of us.
When you look at the whole picture, the most important factor if you want to make any positive change, either in your environment or financially, is education.
The focus is primarily on transferring a sustainable mindset, as well as financial awareness.
In some (many) cases, sustainable living can save money. Financial awareness involves daring to think and stop counting.
DYOR! If you don't understand something, you can always ask the community or the experts!
Launching crypto guide that explains how the crypto universe and DeFi works, the traditional banking system, what inflation is, why it exists, how the banking system works, etc.
The division will be launched as soon as we hit 10,000 AID Token holders, according to the roadmap.


We are currently negotiating primarily with universities and large companies from abroad, who are open to presentations in the form of open days.