New Live Aid


Introducing the NLA crypto-based green ecosystem

NLA Whitepaper v2.0

Released in May, 2023.
STATUS: AID NFT collection minter backend development finished.
ONGOING: AID NFT collection minter frontend with display is under development.
The standard type of whitepaper has been phased out, please treat this documentation as a genuine whitepaper.

Sustainability, money making, planetary boundary protection and education were put at the heart of our system, called New Live Aid.

New Live Aid (AKA: NLA) is a community driven, crypto based company located in Hungary that provides a borderless win-win-win solution for environmental problems.
We can generate income with it.
You can make money green with it.
Earth can be more sustainable with it.
In traditional terms: New Live Aid is a company with green activities in which you can have a share from day zero.
The logo of New Live Aid and the AID Token


Most of the biggest threats are clear to us. We need to achieve global, more sustainable life on Earth and in our project together.

Make Money Green

Our aim was to create a system capable of providing passive income in the form of dividends in a way that breaks away from the usual staking mechanism and in form of other key rewards.
We ensure the deflation of the AID Token.
Dividends will be paid from the AID BAG.
The AID BAG will be funded from New Live Aid's non-trading revenues.


Green organisations are very cute, but when it comes to trust and accountability, they all fail in our eyes. When a project and the trust factor don't meet, it cannot have long-term future.
Future projects are based on blockchain.
We have strived to achieve the highest possible level of trust by putting our own faces behind the NLA.
A fundamental reason for our choice of blockchain is to enhance security, accountability and provide the community with an appropriate knowledge base. Obviously Klever is the way.